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Meet our MUDGIRL Ambassador : Alicia (part 2)

Updated: Apr 18

After 2020, like everyone else, I was so ready for a new year and a fresh start. If I had to give 2021 a title, it would be " WOW! 2021: a Year of Surprises and New Adventures!" And I'm not exaggerating. It started here.

I was scrolling mindlessly through social media and came across an ad that MudGirl was going to be in Cleveland. I was super excited, because I was missing the OCR world. I quickly signed up and convinced my friend and her daughters to join me. While signing up, I noticed an opportunity to be a MudGirl Ambassador and thought to myself "Why not? Let's see what happens!" A few weeks later, completely forgetting I had completed the form to be an Ambassador, I received an email that I was chosen. YAY! And then I panicked and wondered what the heck did I get myself into? I've never done anything like this - believe it or not, I'm an introvert and the thought of doing this was slightly terrifying. Questions and self doubt overwhelmed me, but I decided this was my chance to help make a change.

This was my chance to use my voice to help empower not just my friends, but ladies all over the country too. I have always been an advocate of empowering women and helping them realize they can tackle and conquer any challenge. With my gal pals rallied around me, I jumped in and more ladies joined us. And when we team up and our numbers grow? We are a FORCE to be reckoned with! We are stronger together.

On the MudGirl course, it's no different. Ladies rallying, joining forces from all walks of life to conquer obstacles together. It doesn't matter if it's with a friend you came with or a complete stranger, there is always a helping hand reaching out or a push from behind to help you through. It's amazing to watch as ladies, who met as strangers on the Pink Army Facebook page, run together and leave as friends. Seeing women cheering each other on, supporting one another unconditionally, it hits me right in the feels. And to have women tell me that I was the reason they decided to join the MudGirl run, melts my heart.

I am fortunate to be an Ambassador. I'm grateful I was able to travel to other cities; to see and meet so many incredible women and watch memories form, bonds strengthen and confidence shine through. I am blessed to uplift so many and remind each of you that you are phenomenal, that we all have our self doubts, and that our so-called-flaws make us incredibly beautiful.

I will be honest, I struggle to put into words what this journey has given me. MudGirl and the ladies I have met along the way have had an immense impact on my own confidence and personal growth. This process has taught me so much about myself. I never thought I could impact anyone; I didn't see myself as a strong outspoken person. But here I am! Sure, I've always supported my friends, encouraging them to take on a challenge, lift heavier weights, go for an opportunity that scares them, and to dig deep and fight for whatever it is they want. But this is different. I've always been the biggest cheerleader for my friends and those close to me, I just never realized the ripple effect it could have on women I've never actually met.

We are badasses. Too often, women can be catty and judgmental toward one another. We need to ditch the judgemental attitudes and remind each other how badass we are. Take the time to remind your gal pals how incredible they are, how beautiful they are, and be their cheerleader in good times & bad. Remember, things can be tough, but you are tougher. Your kind words or small gestures can have an immense impact on the people who cross your path.

MudGirl has helped uncover a whole new me. I am done with things that don't make my heart happy. I am taking leaps that scare the sh*t out of me. I'm challenging myself. I've stopped saying "Well, one day..." and instead, I'm doing it today. Yes, we all fall down - sometimes repeatedly - but we always get back up. It's not failure, it's simply unfinished success.

If you aren't a part of the MudGirl experience or in the MudGirl Pink Army group on Facebook, then you need to stop what you are doing, grab a friend, and join us. Join a sisterhood of women empowering one another and fighting together to end Breast Cancer. You may be surprised by what you discover about yourself!

Journeys begin here!

“Badassery Seeks Its Own Level”

- Alicia

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