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Meet our MUDGIRL Ambassador : Anna

Updated: Apr 18

I believe in the power of women and how when a group of women come together, they do powerful things! I love the Mud Girl Event because it provides a opportunity to for women to complete a obstacle race and have a wonderful time regardless of age or background experience. I have been a runner most of my life and participated in many obstacle course races from Tough Mudders to Spartans. When people hear "obstacle race" they often feel intimated and perhaps like they aren't in shape or ready to participate. So they don't! Mud Girl Run removes the barriers for people to get out and participate in a obstacle race without feeling intimidated and leaves many women feeling empowered, pumped, and strong! It's amazing what our bodies can do! Mud Girl Run celebrates that and all women in all their capabilities!

I love being a ambassador for Mud Girl because I feel I share the passion for women to come together and do challenging things! I love being on the course and seeing all the different women of different ages coming together, laughing, helping eachother through obstacles, and many doing something they have never done before! It's such a fun and beautiful experience!

I have always been invested in fitness and health. I am a personal trainer and own a running clothing company ( I really love fitness and running, but I know that not everyone does! What I love about Mud Girl is that you don't have to be a personal trainer, gym rat, or fitness fantatic to go and participate and have a good experience! You just have to be invested in yourself to go and start and finish while having a good time! I highly recommend the Mud Girl Run every year, Everytime!

Anna Salt Lake City


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