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Meet our MUDGIRL Ambassador : Cadi

As a mom of 5, it's hard to find time for yourself. You get busy just being busy. After I had my last child, I knew it was time to start investing time back into ME ! I had given my whole self to grow these children. I needed me to be fit and healthy for them so I could watch them grow into themselves. I needed me to be fit and healthy for ME. I was getting my body back after years and years. I started looking for things in my area to participate in and found Mudgirl in 2019. I put out a call to my long lost friends who were also busy raising their kids and we put together a team. We raced with 11 ladies in 2019 and it was SO EMPOWERING !

On to 2020, we know what happened there with Covid, so this year was extra special. I raced both days with two teams and it was amazing. Very special this year as for so many of us, it was the first time we had been to an event, seen friends and created some memories in over 18 months. Incredible women out there, young and old coming together, encouraging and assisting each other. Truly, I am humbled to have seen it all over the whole weekend, group after group.

This was a fabulous day. More than I could have ever anticipated. Having a year of no Mudgirl super sucked and it was amazing to be back out there with all of these amazing people. The volunteers and organizers were spot on and so helpful. All the teams of ladies out stole my hearts. The smiles, laughing and was amazing. The obstacles were laid out differently this year which made it fun and intriguing. The teamwork, even between other groups, was awesome. So much encouragement throughout the park today. Thanks to each and everyone of you who came out today, turned up a smile, helped out and rocked Durham Region!!! Until next year, xoxoxox

- Cadi

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