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Meet our MUDGIRL Ambassador : Caprice

Updated: Apr 18

As a MudGirl runner, and new ambassador, I am so excited to be here and to be writing this blog post for you all to read. Exercise is something that helped me tremendously throughout my worst huddles. I grew up learning dance and was super active; I loved to run around the track, do martial arts and hike and rock climb. I was never an athlete or super fit by any means, but I loved doing things that challenged me and I just always wanted to have fun while doing great things for my body.

A few years ago, I was in a bizarre accident which left me with temporary lower body paralysis. I was so frustrated and felt really down and sad; I wasn’t sure what the future held for me. I was constantly in pain that I didn’t understand, and life just seemed to be picking on me in my mind.

Fast forward a few months through therapy and using a wheelchair/walker, I began walking again but have since developed permanent nerve damage in my back and spine. At this point in my life, sciatica is my biggest hurdle daily but I do not let it stop me. I overcame my physical challenge and absolutely believe that everyone can do the same. While we all face many different hurdles in life, I am a firm believer that we all hold the same resilience and strength to overcome each obstacle; sometimes we just have to dig a little deeper for it.

Exercise and fitness in my lifestyle has always been something I have loved. I was never good at sports, truthfully. I was constantly hit in the head with the volleyball, accidentally kicked over the soccer ball and always lost during tennis but I never stopped pushing myself. Quite frankly, for all the activity I do, I do not have the “ideal” fitness body most people think I would either. I love to think that all shapes and sizes can participate in fitness and I have discovered that variety through 5k runs. I love 5k’s, and especially have a newfound love for mud runs. In fact, I will be completing 3 in 2021 and plan to sign up for them as much as possible in the future. Exercise shouldn’t be painful or stressful; it should be fun and encouraging! I enjoy myself so much with mud runs and I always feel at my best. I do not run the 5k, nor complete every obstacle successfully, but I walk away a winner because I never give up. I am prepping for the upcoming MudGirl race by kickboxing, walking, step aerobics and hiking. I like to include different workouts because it keeps things fresh as well as exciting.

I just want to say, to anyone reading this blog that wants to do a MudGirl run but may be nervous about the obstacles, your fitness ability/limitations, or anything else- just sign up and do it. You are beautiful, you are STRONG and you deserve to have fun while doing something that empowers you and other women as well. You will meet likeminded people and meet new friends as well! If you have to walk around an obstacle, at least you are walking. If you can’t move quickly, at least you are moving. It is no one’s race but your own, and your only competitor is you- no one else matters when we you are fighting for you. I look forward to seeing everyone’s photos from their runs. Enjoy yourself and have fun! You are such an incredible MudGirl.

- Caprice

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