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Meet our MUDGIRL Ambassador : Dana

Updated: Apr 18

Greetings fellow MUDGIRL’s

My name is Dana, I am 49 years old and honored to be a MUDGIRL Ambassador.

MUDGIRL was my first mud run, it changed my outlook on life. Which is why MUDGIRL will always hold a special place in my heart.

I started doing MUDGIRL a couple of years ago as a way to get my girlfriends together to do something fun. Let me be honest though, I was just looking for a girls weekend away to party and I was not the only one. As I said it was my first mud run, it turned out it was also most of their first as well. I honestly was not sure if I would be able to fully complete it. At the time I was overweight and out of shape. Rather the simply be discouraged, I thought, why not? Let’s just see what happens.

Let me tell you how it went. I found complete strangers helping me on every obstacle, they encouraged me along the way and even when I was doing just fine, they were still trying to cheer me on. They seem to be genuinely proud of me. This ended up creating an instant friendship bond. When I crossed the finish line, that first time, with my friends old and new, cheering me on, knowing how much I was struggling; it was the most incredible and pivotal moment of my life. The sense of accomplishment, the tears of actually completing the challenge, coupled with the cheers was one of the most joyous moments of my life. That was the moment I realized, regardless of your perceived limits, I can do this! Which means you can too! When the sense of being overwhelmed tries to creep in to slow you down, there are people all around you to help you achieve this goal.

This first experience at MUDGIRL awakened my passion for doing Mud Runs. I now participate many different events all over Ontario and Michigan.

Most of us struggle daily with anxiety, depression, weight issues, self esteem issues, PTSD and so many more things, I have too. I am here to tell you I have got your back. I truly mean this. We can get through this together. MUDGIRL is the perfect place to show you how much I am dedicated to supporting you all! MUDGIRL will show you that you are not alone, you are enough, you are worth it and you can achieve this. We at #PinkArmy have got you! We are all one at the #PinkArmy.

Can’t wait to see you on the course.

If you are still unsure about doing this or looking for a team… Join me and my tribe… We would love to have you !!!

- Dana

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