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Meet our MUDGIRL Ambassador : Jenn

Updated: Apr 18

I’ve been very happily married for 11 years and mommy of 2 beauties…girl (9) and boy (7). I’ve lived in Hamilton Ontario my whole life and my parents are still in the same house I grew up in !

My husband and I moved us to Binbrook in 2014 and we absolutely love it out here!

Back track a few years…I was adopted at 5 weeks old and am an only child. Throughout life I’ve never really felt like I fit in, struggled with the feeling of always “being left out” and could never find something that I was really good at.

Sports were never really a thing for me growing up. There were lots of things I wanted to do or try, from dance, gymnastics, karate, but never really found that one thing I loved.

Flash forward to a few years later when I met my husband (or boyfriend at the time) we together joined a softball league with some friends and I finally found something I liked doing! I played for about 5-6 years with him and we had a great time !

At one point I did find the gym to be my place within the classes they had because I needed that push from someone else, to show and help me focus on bettering myself.

That unfortunately became a struggle after having carpel tunnel surgery on both hands. I never completely gave up on the gym but have to now find ways to modify for my hands.

With all the struggles I go through in life I wanted to teach my daughter to be strong no matter what so that’s why I signed us up together for the Mud Girl run the first year it was held here. I wanted to show her that I could push myself to complete this no matter how hard it is ! So she can learn to not give up.

- Jenn Nagy

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