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Meet our MUDGIRL Ambassador: Margaret

Updated: Apr 18

Hi Ladies!

My name is Margaret Wrench and I'm your new ambassador for the state of Florida.

I'm from Gainesville Florida (go gators)but I currently live in Tampa Fl.

I'm certified in pilates and yoga and I used to be a personal trainer and studio manager for some period of time. I'm an avid Pure Barre Babe and that IS my workout every day(almost).

I ran this race for my mom, sister and godmother. My mother died in September from Breast cancer. My little sister died from breast cancer 7 years ago. My godmother had a brief run in with it but it was caught very early and is cancer free now.

When I ran this race for the first time last December I thought "if they could tough it out and push through, I can at least beat the obstacles. My motivation comes from a love for those fighting, fought and lost and the Survivors.

This MUDGIRL race is fun and encompasses love and compassion for another in an awesome environment. The race is exciting and empowering to women from all walks of life. I ask you to join me and the rest of the Mudgirls in having a blast and beating those obstacles.

Mudgirl races are about being compassionate towards others and accepting each other as is. Thus empowering each other to believe we are capable of the race and capable to stand up against anything that may come.

Come out with me; let's have some fun and get dirty with the thousands of women doing this race as well.

Please feel free to follow me on social media!

Facebook: Margaret Powell Wrench

Instagram: @yogagatorbarregirl

Feel free to ask any questions, if I don't know the answer I'll find out for you!

Have a fabulous day

Go Mudgirls go!

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