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Meet our MUDGIRL Ambassador : Mary

Updated: Apr 18

Here’s my journey !

After a 15 years marriage (where I had gained some weight-going from 150# to 250), it ended in an ugly divorce. I became depressed and went to food for comfort. I ballooned to almost 600#. After having a mild heart attack and a best friend who was determined to help me get healthy, I started on a low carb/high protein diet and started drinking water (ugh!). I hated water but after seeing how being hydrated made me feel and how much healthier my skin got made me want to do better.

I had to learn to exercise, I started out with walking, back and forth to my mail box, then down the road. And with the diet I had to learn how to snack, without going hungry.

I started eating baked chicken and vegetables, eggs and turkey bacon, lots of fresh fruit— and I kept walking.

I now walk daily, do 30 minutes of low impact cardio every other day and have just started water aerobics/boot camp. My self esteem got better, my relationship with food will always be a struggle but it’s one I can handle better than I had in my past. And after being single for some time I met an amazing man who I have been happily married to for 3 years.

I’m a work in progress, but I am already a lot healthier, happy and know that I can tackle the world ! (and the MUDGIRL course 😊).


"Today I learned that complete strangers can become instant friends. Today I saw ladies from all walks of life pushing others on. This race is fun, but there are parts that are tough, but there are others there

to help and cheer you on, pull you up and push you to keep going. The MudGirl team (I met Lau and Jared today) they were soo great and just the sweetest people !

We started out as 2 teams of 3 (3 of us just meeting for the first time and thanks to MUDGIRL Pink Army | US we met virtually on this page) . We ended as a strong team of 6, meeting up and working together to finish the race together as a team! And are coming back next year!"

- Mary Voss

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