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Updated: May 4, 2021

So? These resolutions...

How are they working out for you so far?

Yeah, you know the ones I'm talking about. The ones you made on January 1st, and that are fading away more and more as the year passes.

New year, new me!

Yeah right.

Please excuse my septicism, the point I'm trying to make here is not negative, I promise!

I would actually like to openly question this need, this urge to make resolutions.

The more I think about it, the more I realize it is simply about wanting to grow. Somewhere in between this human concept that is evolution, and this other idea of growing that we impose on ourselves (or that society impose on us, but this debate will be for another time), I just want to reach the better version of myself.

Between you and I, isn't it normal to constantly try to evolve as a human being? Like, when I go to bed at night, if I fall asleep with the impression of being a better person, I deserve a big self five.

This is why I make resolutions.

To get out of my comfort zone, because by staying in it, I feel like I'm not moving forward. By making resolutions, I feel like I allow myself to question my life, my habits, this comfort zone so personal to every individual (#mymudgirlevolution) and to review my perspections on the goals and objectives i've set for myself.

My resolutions have become my plan.

Even when the last seconds of 2019 will pass, and realize I only managed to respect one of my many resolutions, it will still be one step further into the direction I chose, the road I want to take.

One more step towards the better version of myself.

That's when it hits me.

I'm lucky to be able to make resolutions, I have the luxury to follow (or not) on my plan, the freedom to choose a direction, to motivated myself, to create my own happiness and to trace my own destiny.

Let's say, it all disappear.

Let's say I get force out of my comfort zone.

Let's say tomorrow, I learn that I have cancer.

We could say that my plan would have a pretty drastic makeover.

I'm confident that my resolution to eat less sugar would quickly switch to must stay alive.


I would like to share with you a text we received at MUDGIRL. It comes from Stephanie, 48 years old, who experienced (and survived!) breast cancer.

« Ever since I was diagnosed with breast cancer 3 years ago this month, I promised myself I would do and try all of the things I always wanted to. MUDGIRL was one of those things. I was always intrigued by it, but thought I couldn’t possibly complete it. This past summer the opportunity came up when my dragon boat sister, Angela, put a team together for the event. Since I trust her and I love her zest for life, I decided I would do it. It was such a liberating and loving experience. As we waited at the start line to be “waved” in, we were able to meet other competitors and share our excitement of the day. The cold jets of water were very welcomed as we waited in the hot sun and were a great way of getting the crowd pumped! I was very touched by the camaraderie and inspired by women who, like me, faced the beast that is breast cancer. As I write this, I am tearing up because it was a day filled with fun, love, sport, challenge and triumph. I can’t wait to do it again this year! »

Stéphanie on the left, Myriam Fillion in the middle (Breast Cancer Foundation - My Active Health) and Angela on the right.


Thank you Stephanie for helping me realize that the important thing here is not to find out why I make resolutions, or the amount of resolutions I manage to keep. What's most important here is to realize that I'm lucky enough to be able to choose to make resolutions.

And that I shouldn't wait around.

Maybe, after all, the ultimate resolution is to not push anything to tomorrow that can be done today.

Today, I have the power, the abilities and the energy to get out of my comfort zone. To contribute to my evolution and to my own happiness.

So why wait?

- Elisa.

💖 To donate to the Breast Cancer Foundation, follow this link. 💖



Through its blog posts, MUDGIRL wants to inspire and motivate every women to  be physically active and to adopt healthy lifestyles! MUDGIRL wants to, through the testimonies of the #PINKARMY, share TRUE stories of triumph. This means that our articles aren't necessarily written by health professionals or experts (you will be notified when it is the case 😉). Everyone can achieves their goals in their own way, at their own pace, and MUDGIRL simply wants to give you as many tools to help you achieve YOUR goals.


Write to to submit your text.

We look forward to hearing from you! 💜

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