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Updated: Apr 18

Today we wanted to share with you the experience of the volunteers at the MUDGIRL Run.

We can't say it enough: without the people who volunteered, we wouldn't be able to organize the MUDGIRL event. The impact of these actors on our sporting event is phenomenal. Whether it's entry to MUDGIRL, the store, cheering on the race, or handing out medals at the finish line, the work of volunteers is crucial and very diverse.

The volunteer experience is open to everyone (even male volunteers can run MUDGIRL at the end of their volunteer time), whether you come with your child, mom, friends, colleagues, the volunteer leaders make sure you stay together to complete your assignments!

We make their day as pleasant as possible by offering them breakfast, lunch and a tote bag with all the MUDGIRL goodies upon arrival. The volunteer leaders spend the morning/early afternoon in the field to make sure that all the volunteers are doing well and that they enjoy their missions!

To thank them for coming to help us, the volunteers run the MUDGIRL after the last participant, the advantage: to have the course all to yourself and enjoy with your loved ones. We also offer them a free race for the following year (via a promo code they will receive by email) on the race of their choice, as well as a free t-shirt and 40% discount on the MUDGIRL store!

In order to give you a better understanding of the volunteer experience, nothing better than a testimonial from one of our volunteers:

"I spent two great days at the Mudgirl in Lyon.

Two days as a volunteer and almost 2 races done!

I was with a friend on the first day, we were able to put us on the same mission and of course that is a real plus. I was able to introduce her to the world of volunteering, and the mutual help that these races generate.

All the organizers are adorable and the organization is great. They pampered us with breakfast, goodies, lunch and the chance to do the race at the end of the day!

Between laughter, crazy energy, a little pain, mud, rain, hail and sunshine, this weekend was awesome!"

  • Inès, volunteer at the MUDGIRL Lyon 2022.

“Volunteering with mud girl was a very rewarding experience. Great relative skills that you will learn in everyday life while a fun exciting energy was coursing though the participants and coordinators of the team. Met many likeminded individuals and would definitely do it again! The gifts we received for our time was just a bonus.

  • Aurora, volunteer at the MUDGIRL Toronto 2022.

If you want to try the experience and participate in the MUDGIRL, join us and be part of the Yellow Army in Canada, the United States or in France:

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