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Butternut squash stuffed with rice and hazelnuts

Updated: Apr 18

Hello hello 🌞

Today we meet again for a warm recipe, and yes the winter season is arriving so we will start to prepare warm meals with autumn colors 🍂

For this recipe, you will need:

- 1 onion

- 100 grams of rice

- Crushed hazelnuts (as much as you like)

- A pinch of curry powder

- One butternut (medium or small)

- Salt

- 1/2 cup of liquid cream

Cook your butternut in a gentle steam or in hot water.

Meanwhile, cook your rice.

Cut the butternut in half, and remove the pulp. Keep it.

You will also fry your onion in a pan, then add the pulp you just removed from your squash.

Then add to the pan, the salt, the liquid cream, and stir.

Finally, remove your pan from the heat, then add the rice, hazelnuts, you can pepper to your liking.

Put it all in your squash and enjoy!


(This meal is enough for 4 people)

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