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How to dress for the MUDGIRL Run ? 

Updated: Apr 18

What to wear? Do I take a change of clothes? 👚

You are asking yourself all these questions? You have come to the right place, we will answer all your doubts!

No need to specify that you will get dirty, have a lot of mud on your clothes, so you guessed it: take old clothes that you don't wear anymore or that you wear to do activities like going to the garden etc...

However, take light clothes, cotton fabric should be avoided, as it absorbs water and the cloth will become heavy during the race! Synthetic materials are to be favored.

We also advise you to wear sportswear in which you feel comfortable: leggings, shorts, t-shirt! Boots, skirts, dresses and rain coats should be avoided.

For support, we recommend a bra that provides a high level of support: you will be running, climbing, sliding, crawling ... the goal is not to be embarrassed during the MUDGIRL!

However, you can let your creative spirit take over and get some disguises or have a common t-shirt with your whole team: this is what MUDGIRLs often do!

We also advise you not to take anything of value with you! Phone, jewelry, keys, or any other item that you care about should be left at the bag drop or left in your car.

If you want to take your cell phone, we recommend that you get a waterproof case at the MUDGIRL store before your run.

Also take a change of clothes with you, showers and changing rooms are set up for you to rinse and change!

Here is a short video to summarize this article: HOW TO GET DRESSED FOR MUDGIRL?

A little advice before the race: don't hesitate to read the runner's guide that we send you by email a few days before the race in order to prepare yourself as well as possible: race schedule, parking, bag drop, volunteer experience, EVERYTHING! 🤗

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