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I WANT TO RUN: where to start?

Updated: Apr 18

You would like to start jogging, but you don't know where to begin? Here is some advice.

It can be hard to get into working out especially when you don't know where to start. How am I going to get into it? How do I get started smoothly? What are the right moves to make? 🤯

First of all, congratulations for wanting to start exercising, you are on the right track!

Let's start by making a short list of the benefits of regular sports activity and more specifically running:


Better physical fitness (body strengthening, weight loss, muscle gain).

Better sleep.

Physical activity can give you more energy.

Prevents diseases and improves longevity (cardiovascular diseases, cancers ...).

Boosts the immune system.

🧠 Mental health:

Decreases anxiety and stress.

Allows you to think about yourself, to take care of yourself.

At the end of a jog: feeling of well-being (the body releases endorphins).

Improves mood.

Strengthening of the mind with surpassing oneself.

Running is also an inexpensive activity :)

Where to run?

It can be difficult when you live in an urban environment, where you can not necessarily run in the street.

Don't hesitate to take your car and head to a park, you'll surely find plenty of runners! 🌳

If you don't feel comfortable, or insecure (yes, as a woman it is sometimes not easy to find a good jogging area), then you can join the gym and take advantage of the treadmills (you can even set walking and running intervals more easily and thus know your pace).

Getting started with running: the methods 📝

If you want to start running: here's what we recommend!

Start with intervals of running and walking, for example start by running 2 minutes and then walking 2 minutes. At the beginning, it is better to set goals: run for 10 minutes, then 20 etc...

Don't start too fast, and don't be too hard on yourself, otherwise you'll get disgusted with running, that's not the goal!

At the beginning of each session, try to set goals for yourself. Don't blame yourself if you don't reach them, postpone the goals to a future session: with training and will power you always reach your goals! 👊

TIPS: during your jogging you may want to put on some music. Music can a great source of motivation but be careful not to match your pace to the music: you will tend to speed up to a catchy song, this could exhaust you faster than expected!

Another little tip if you're lacking motivation: buying a sports outfit that you like can get you moving. Speaking of equipment, you can also buy a running belt in which you can put a water bottle, your keys, your phone: nothing could be more practical!

Also, it's good to start exercising with someone, ask a colleague, a friend or even a member of your family! 👭

⚠️ Warning: if you become adept at running, be careful not to " overconsume " and take it easy, 2 jogs a week (even one) is more than enough to start. Don't forget to warm up before a session (with basic warm-up movements).


Wanting to start a sport is already a very good thing, whatever the physical activity, the most important thing is to MOVE to benefit your body and your mind! If your sport is not jogging then try another sport: fast walking, fitness, soccer, cycling. In short there is a sport for everyone! Don't hesitate to try and sign up for trial sessions at local gym or studios, it's also an opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and meet new people, who knows? 💗

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