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Updated: Apr 18

Exams to pass, a busy lifestyle, small problems that become stressful in everyday life ... all this can cause anxiety and have negative effects on your body and your mind. 🤯

Physical activity can help you to relax, it can be used as a way to relax, which is why sport can help you to find a certain serenity in your daily life.

Stressful elements of our daily life, even the most insignificant ones, prevent us from living in a more peaceful and balanced way. As we mentioned in our article "I want to run: where to start?", sport is good for you physically but it also has psychological benefits. Indeed, for many people sport is an escape and a way to decompress. 😮‍💨

But why? After a good session, your body releases endorphins or rather "the joy neurotransmitter", it is also called the anti-stress hormone, it has a euphoric effect on our behavior and makes us feel more fit and relaxed.

From the first session you will feel immediate effects on your well-being but this only lasts for a while, however you can make this feeling more regular if you exercise in a more regular way indeed this feeling will become permanent. This will strengthen your ability to cope with stress.

Doing sport can help you to face uncomfortable situations, situations that you would not have faced as well if you did not do any physical activity for example.

Also, exercising helps you to calm down, to unload the weight of everyday life and also to take a step back.

Tips: if you are prone to anxiety attacks, sport is an excellent remedy because it will help you to relativize, to feel better and also to improve your breathing, you could even face anxiety attacks less frequently.

In addition to providing a general feeling of well-being, sport has many other benefits: it instills values such as willingness and self-improvement, values that give us confidence in ourselves, when we surpass ourselves on a session for example or on a goal achieved. This can be transferred to other aspects of your life such as your professional or even social life. 💬

So, don't hesitate and do a sport activity, yes we know it's always complicated to find time in a busy day between work and family, but take time for you, even if it's only 20 minutes jogging or 15 minutes of cardio, you will feel better and surely less stressed in the long run! 💫


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