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Updated: Apr 18

Soreness? Cramps? What should you do to ease the aches and pains that can appear after a sports session or a MUDGIRL run?

Here is what we recommend 😉


First of all, stretching gently after a workout is the best way to prevent soreness.

TIPS: Wait a few hours before doing a stretching session, because if you stretch immediately after a sports session or a race, it can damage the microtrauma in the muscle fibers and worsen the soreness. Moreover, be careful not to pull too much on your muscles, it is about stretching and not about a mobility or flexibility session.

Other tips you can take a cold bath to rebuild muscle fibers, or you can alternate cold and hot water in the shower: 1 minute of hot water then 1 minute of cold water, you can do this 5 times. 🚿

The warm/cold alternation will allow you to reduce the pain, will also facilitate blood circulation and will even improve the quality of your sleep.


Drink plenty of water after exercising, firstly because your body will have lost a lot of water but also to prevent cramps.

Be sure to drink water before and during exercise, as a general rule you should drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day.

TIPS: set an alarm every hour to drink a glass of water.

You can also rehydrate by eating!

Eating fruit will allow your body to fill up with glucose and therefore to "re-sweeten" it: bananas, grapes, oranges will be your best allies!

To regain energy, don't hesitate to eat an energy bar (like the one from Simply Protein that we distribute at the Mudgirl finish line), wholemeal bread or gingerbread will also help you regain your strength. Don't hesitate to check out our pancake recipe on the blog, which is also a good snack after a workout (


In general, sleep is not a problem after spending a day at the MUDGIRLRUN 😆

Sleep is vital to allow the body to recover and repair muscle tissues the more your muscles will be relaxed and inactive: this is crucial for muscle regeneration.

Good to know: if you have sleep problems, know that regular physical activity will make your sleep quality much better 🙂

Thank you, for reading this article and hope you enjoyed it! Don't hesitate to check more articles on our blog, more articles about preparation tips and recipes are soon to be published, stay tuned 😜

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